Women of Worth

“Who can find a woman of worth? for her price is far above rubies”.

Proverbs 31:10

A community of intelligent women who are devoted to embracing Godliness as a way of life. The wise women with in-depth understanding of their own natural and divine gifting, and the effectual way to express them. They are fashioned in the wisdom of God. They are unique and inestimable in the manner of which they handle the business of the Kingdom with prudence. They are the women of noble characters.

They are judiciously equipped to build their homes with exemplary acumen coupled with diligence. In their unflinching demonstration of Godly submissive leadership, they bring favour to their homes. Their children call them blessed for their mothering proficiency in the fear of God. They are the prudent daughters of Zion. They lack nothing of values and their family has strong confidence in them.

The Women of Worth stand exclusively on the dictates of God to prevail in the position of leadership; spiritually, and in their God-given occupations. They expend their gifting extensively for the kingdom, and their families; giving greater pleasure to those around them. They demonstrate love with a heart of gold, spend time working for the Lord, honour God with their substances and shed His light to those around them. They are the Women of Worth.