For a safe drive in a journey, keeping an eye on all the traffic around is a wise act. Knowing what other drivers around are doing may help in the judgement of our moves without bumping into other cars, objects or people. It keeps us on track of when it is safe to make lane changes or turns. Something worth of noting though is that, the rear view mirror focusses on looking behind. Everything you see in the “rearview mirror” is all BEHIND YOU.

In order to keep a good eye on the journey ahead of you, adjust the rearview mirror, and ONLY look at this mirror at specific times while driving. Where your gaze lies, is the direction your feet lead. No man faces backwards to move forward. Face Forward!When a driver is all focused on the rearview mirror the whole time, He is bound to crash. When you take a peek in the rearview mirror of life, it is for you to bless God for advancing your course. Let this be your reflective moments only; learning from the past to make a forward move.

The Lord says: “”Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?…”


Things are advancing more than you can comprehend.
Get tuned to the surety of deliverance from all evil grips.
Cease to brood on past predicaments and refrain from dwelling on past glories.
God is making ways in the rivers, wilderness and in the deserts.
You will in a short time and suddenly bud forth as a branch.
You will draw water from the wells of salvation with joy.

For those whose love life has eloped into the rearview, it’s time to get it back now
If your finance bloom has sat in the rear view, it’s time for a leap.
If your walk with God abides in the rearview, move forward to God’s embrace now.
If your career has being in the reverse mode, it is getting into a forward motion now.

Let’s put greater meaning to 2018. Make clear your mission. Strive to make your calling great. Remember that your cause is eternal as you are called into a profound partnership with Christ. He says “I will not leave nor forsake you”.

Rear focus is not permitted with you this year.
You are meant to advance.
You are called to enlarge the place of your tent for the rain of abundance.
You will yet spread abroad to the right and to the left.
Your descendants will possess nations
You are destined to stand out.
You are saved to soar.
Get excited for your enlargement!
Chuck the rearview!!!

Keep up the HOT in 2018.

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