Prudence is a SHE.

Reading the book of Proverbs chapter 4 actually got me thinking. Like never before, my attention glued to the pronoun used to juxtapose the word Wisdom in that narration. I said to my myself, “afterwards Wisdom is feminine” LOL!. Prudence is a SHE. Ladies, we are the embodiment of good sense. We are are the clear, neat, strong discretion needed to pave the way ahead. We are robed with understanding and laced with Prudence. So if anything changes, the fact that ladies are prudent does not change hun … LOL.

This got me ruminating about the the 21st century woman: I mean you and I…

An ever-changing world requires us, as women, to be willing to INNOVATE our PRACTICE for greatness
In response to the requirement of success in modern Godly women
Prudence is key in a dynamic global context
We need to MODEL the skills for greatness
Exhibit the knowledge and attitudes that will bring affluence
We embody the competencies necessary for desired aims to attain prosperity in a modern world

Being a 21st century woman is more about the journey than the destination
Blossom is the destination of a prudent walk
To bloom takes the ought to move with the right actions
Because you are here today, it makes your time to evaluate where you are
Because you are here today, it makes your chance to analyze your thoughts and ideas
Because you are here today, it makes your chance to add understanding to wisdom
Because you are here today, it makes your chance to create for yourself a growth mindset

Here’s a version of our future in which we come together in Prudence,
We are to push aside challenges and head for solutions
We are more in harmony to make a difference in the world
We stand to present the future with possibility of all solutions
We are made never to say, give up and move to Mars, but to pick up on our faith
We are motivated by the belief that, we can tweak the incipient future simply by envisioning it
We are rising together to shine bright and grow in leaps and bounds
Welcome to your new chapter in life filled with Prudence, the richest wealth
Remember this always, you are PRUDENT.

Prudence exalts, it promotes  
Prudence honours
Prudence will place on your head a garland of grace
Prudence bestows with beautiful beauty
Prudence gives a long good life
Keep to the side of Prudence!




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