Fresh Focus

Eat healthy
New job
Weight loss
Worship more
Spend more time with fam….

These are all great goals for a great 2018. Fresh Focus worthy of embarking on. Weight loss at times is not a cookie cutter activity. Fitness instructors is required to help demonstrate the exercises and keep people motivated during the sessions.

Sure, we can do all things by the strength of Christ. We thrive in our goals by tapping into the power of the word. We have to get into the word of God and remain there. This is how we have the right guidance to remain resolute in the place of fulfilling our goals.
As we journey into the new year, we need inspiration and insight from the Word each day and every step of the way. We need to discover the purpose of God for our lives and through the power of His Word. Developing a fresh focus based on the Word helps in maintaining the right focus  

In all you do and whatever you do, pursue the peace of God that transcends human understanding, the knowledge of God that surpasses what a man can gain say, joy unspeakable, uncompromising godliness, and pure holiness; without which no man can see God.

May the New Year bring us fresh focus that is rooted in Jesus. When we dream, plan and set goals, may we be able to consider first where God is leading. May we find incredible clarity to His will as we embark on new things in the new year.
The Lord will grant power to our simplicity and enable us to do exploit for him. In our focus in 2018, may The Lord stand as our ultimate spotlight.

Folks, plan to start your year off right – start with Jesus.
I Pray your New Year is blessed.
I Love You, And I really Do!
Peace and Grace in 2018.
Remember God detests lukewarmness
Keep up the HOT!


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