Can’t Be Hidden

Making our way home from a friend’s backyard BBQ this past Saturday, my hubby asked to stop by his office to scan some documents and grab a client’s file folder. While he was going about his business round his office, I made to sit in my son’s office.

While behind my son’s desk, the mom in me had her eyes on some things not placed right, her brains into some nice decors at home that could garnish the aesthetics in the room, her hands opening the drawers, her eyes gazing at some junk munchies in them and of course making comments across the room to my husband.

In the cause of this random intrusion or inspection, a very strong deep light OVERWHELMED the room, without looking up to see where it came from, I just assumed the street light came on and that it was unusually high in beam. In curiosity of what street lights cut through into a building that strong, I looked through the glass wall, lo it was a full moon. Full moon in its magnificence and the highest of its glory.

This spectacular super moon displayed gorgeousness across the sky. I was awed, I grabbed my phone and took a couple of snaps through the glass wall. I wasn’t too satisfied, I set my phone to video and held my hand up towards the moon for a long while.
Subconsciously, my heart began to sing through my mouth, a song in my language which interprets as:
I want the gong of your awesomeness to sound in my life
I want your glory to go ablaze in my life
As I go back and forth in my life
As I go up and down on this earth
I want the glory of God to shine in me

This song meant deep to me like never before, I played back the recording of the moon and my voice singing at the background and I saw God anew in His glory. The words of my song made unto me a needful prayer point and I deeply made it into a supplication right away.

Coincidentally, “Jesus Is The Light” was the topic in the Junior church curriculum taught in the the previous Sunday and I remembered a Precious Pearl (5th grader) explained to her peers in her contributions that “Jesus is the Light, where He is not is where darkness is found”. She indeed was right.

Musing over the light:
The presence of the Light can not be ignored. On our way going home, my husband called my attention to a man who parked his truck by the road side, alighted from the driver’s seat with a camera in his hand, climbed unto the back of the truck and was snapping away in the direction of the moon. Now imagine the presence of Jesus in the life of a man or a woman. Dwell a little bit on what impact the light makes in a setting, you will see how we can not do without the light. The absence of light brings darkness. All illicit activities and atrocities abound in darkness. In the darkness dwells fearful and foul spirit. In the darkness lives are destroyed and souls are dampened. In the darkness lies no Life.

This Saturday night’s moonrise might not be or have a historic event, at least not that I am aware or know of, and neither do I have any keen to know. But the fact remains that the celestial allurement is distinct, evident and could never have gone unnoticed.

What am I affirming in essence?

Here it is:
With Jesus in your life you can not be ignored. Positive attentions will be drawn unto you.
People will stop to catch a glimpse of the glory of God upon your life.
You can’t be hidden!

With Jesus in your life, you have the hope of glory. He is “our hope” and He is “our life”. In Him is found the ground of your sure and certain hope for tomorrow. He is the riches of divine provisions and perfection needed in you.                                                                                 You can’t be hidden!

With Jesus in your life, greatness and divine blessing is enhanced in you. No lack will make any gains in your life anymore. You abound from glory to glory.

You can’t be hidden!

With Jesus in your life, you have treasures of wisdom and knowledge. All seemingly challenging work, school, and home situations will meet with the wisdom of God who is Christ Himself. You stand out and become outstanding.
You can’t be hidden!

With Jesus in your life, order is brought into rowdiness, calm is brought into chaos, crisp and clarity is brought into blurriness, and a head way is made very sure. He says, “My peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you.” He rebukes the winds and quiets the waves.
You can’t be hidden!

You don’t belong in the obscurity. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you are made to shine. Don’t be afraid to exhibit the quality of brightness in you, refuse to take the dive, go for the glow.
Arise and shine!
You can’t be hidden!

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