Hello, glad you made it here.

If you value treasures, love to treasure and be treasured, you’ll feel right at home here.

Life is said to be the most precious of all treasures and the only anchor to life is the heart. The function of the heart determines and dictates the functions of life. Beyond and above is the Lord who owns and knows the heart of man.  He alone wrought great wonders and fills the heart with joy exceedingly.
What you house in your heart reflects in your world. The treasure in the word of God enriches the heart and makes the earth worth of living.
What are you feeding your heart?

Welcome to Hearts Of Treasure!

The corridor to intellect.

A community of intelligent women who are devoted to embracing Godliness as a way of life. The wise women who with in-depth seek understanding of their own natural and divine gifting, and the effectual way to express them. A fold of fair, faithful and fervent female crew for Christ.